Goodbye Onishi, It’s Been Real…


Coming down to my last week herein Onishi, Japan!  This has been an experience of a lifetime, and I am extremely blessed to have been able to have this incredible opportunity! I want to start by giving a huge thank you to the Freeman Asia Foundation for funding this trip! I also want to thank Dr. Almoloza, and Stacey Shimizu for all of the help organizing this trip!  This would not have been possible without them.  I figured I would end my series of blog posts with a post about everything that I have learned about Onishi, Japan from my time here.  So here we go….

#1) Clothes are hung up and dried outside. (Drying machines do not exist around here)

#2) You greet everyone you see!  Even if you have never seen them before. (Everyone is insanely kind here)

#3) The best way to get around is a bicycle. (Highway tolls are extremely expensive!)

#4) The grocery store lowers their price on meet throughout the day.  Someone with a sticker gun comes by and puts on a 10% sale every few hours as it becomes less fresh.

#5) Tofu is made from soy beans.

#6) Instead of waving, people usually nod when acknowledging each other

.#7) Cars drive on the left side of the road.

#8) The sun comes up around 4:30 in the morning.

#9) Futons should be put out in the sun daily to get from getting moist.

#10) My favorite meal here is Oyokodon. (which means parent and child) This meal consists of chicken and egg mixed together.

#11) Every meal at just about every restaurant comes with miso soup, picked vegetables, and a bowl of white rice.

#12) People in Japan love their Karaoke.

#13) People are insanely generous here and will invite you over for dinner after just meeting you.

#14) Onsen’s are the most relaxing places ever created.

#15) Drumming in the festival is quite the adrenaline rush.

#16) Onishi is a family atmosphere, and everyone wants to see each other succeed!

#17) Dishes are washed by hand here.

#18) Arigato gozaimasu and sumimasen can never be used too much here. (Thank you and I’m sorry/ excuse me.

#19) Life can be a lot less stressful without wifi, tv, and other electronics. (It becomes a lot easier to stay in the moment, and be fully present in conversations!

#20) There are five words that can change your mood in an instant… Let’s Go To The River!

These are just a few of the many things that I have learned during my time here! Thank you to our incredible colleagues/ housemates/ family Yoji and Kjell for the incredible generosity and making every day at work an absolute blast, no matter what the task was! This trip has far exceeded my already high expectations. This town is full of the sweetest people! It will truly be missed! Goodbye, Onishi…






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