Dance Workshop


Over the course of my time here, I have had the great privilege to be able to participate in many incredible workshops from many talented artists.  Some of these workshops included animation, making traditional foods, and most recently a dance/yoga workshop!

Now, this workshop was wayyyyy out my comfort zone!  At the same time, I wanted to get the most out of this internship/experience by taking part in all of the opportunities that I have been provided! This workshop opened my eyes in a whole new way!  We started off with some yoga to stretch out which felt absolutely incredible!  Then, we followed that up with a partner activity!  This consisted of one partner being blind folded, while the other partner lead them around!  The partner not blindfolded could take you anywhere they wanted!  I thought this would be easy, but it was crazy how uncomfortable it was to let go and trust the other person.  After a while, I started getting more and more comfortable and started really enjoying the activity!  It brought back some great memories from my entire life!  We then followed that activity with a partner dancing activity where one person was still blindfolded!  The other person would give them a movement by positioning their body in a certain way which would turn into a fluid motion!  It was interesting how easy it was to move without even thinking about it!  For something so unnatural… it felt really easy!  It was by far one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had!


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