Festival Time!

A few posts back, you may have recalled that I talked about taiko drumming! Well, after drumming night in and night out for the past two and a half weeks, it was time to put it to use!

The summer festival in Onishi consisted of five different neighborhoods pulling these huge shrines with some of the community members playing drums and flutes on top of it!  People are chanting, singing, and dancing the whole day! The amount of energy was insane! The streets were lined with people having a great time!

After hours upon hours of pulling this huge shrine… it was finally our chance to play the drums!  The experience was absolutely out of this world! I messed up a few times in the process, but it didn’t even matter! Just being a part of this great tradition was incredible! This by far was the highlight of the trip so far, and like I’ve saying… it just keeps getting better and better!


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