Painting with Onishi Elementary School


I struggle to call interning here actually working! In theory we are have work here from 9-5 almost every day.  However, the people we work for are amazing, and we are provided with tons of unique opportunities in the community!  For example, today we were given the opportunity to volunteer at the local elementary school!

The activity that we did with the kids involved using tons of creativity!  We were told that the kids are provided a strict curriculum and it is rare that they are able to use their imagination!  So today, we spread out this lonnnng piece of paper for the kids to draw, color, and be creative! Fifth graders were helping show some of the second graders the ropes.  The activity consisted of tracing each others bodies with crayons! Once that was finished they had the chance to mix two paints together and fill their tracing with the paint!  After that was all finished, they were asked to describe the emotion they felt coincided with their choice of color! It was incredible to see how much joy this activity brought to the kids!  I truly am blessed to be able to be a part of this community for these few months!  Each week keeps getting better and better!


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