Tofu Factory


My time in Japan has opened my eyes in more ways that I can count!  One of the biggest moments for me came when I tried tofu for the first time last week!  Now I’m not saying that I’m becoming a vegetarian any time soon… However, I was pleasantly surprised by how incredible the taste was! Interestingly enough, after that ah hah moment, a week later I found out that there was a tofu factory nearby! So, of course I had to go and see how this rectangular white piece of goodness was produced!

When we arrived it smelled absolutely incredible! We came in and we were greeted with a gift shop full of delicious samples of tofu! Then after that we had a chance to make our own! We started out with a cup of boiled soy milk! Then to that we added salt water and stirred! Boom, just like that we had our own tofu in the palm of our hands! We added  little soy sauce to it, and consumed it! (a little soy on soy action) All in all, I would say it was a pretty great day! In coming months when I find myself at home, I will definitely be adding this to my list of go to snacks!



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