My Training Partner!


Being up in the mountains, long stretches of grass have been hard to come by!  With that being said, running up the mountains has provided me with a great way for me to stay in shape for football!

After the first few days of being here a met a guy named Kazu! (in the middle of the picture)  One of the most friendly people that the world has to offer!  After our conversation I found out that on the weekends, he referees soccer!  He told me about how grueling it can be to be running around refereeing three games in a row in the hot sun.  To prepare for this he runs throughout the week to stay in shape. So after that, he invited me to meet him at 7am the next day to run with him! He took me through some of the most scenic views that Onishi has to offer! It was absolutely incredible! I was struggling to keep up because this guy is in incredible shape! He also seemed to have an remarkable ability to find the steepest (and most exhausting) routes to go! After about half and hour of running we finally finished! The whole route totaled around 6 km. (longest distance that I’ve ran since high school) Ever since then we have been running in the mornings ever since. Each day he has a new route for us to go, and they just keep getting better and better! I’m also somewhat keeping up with him now!


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