Starting Point…

First week underway…

After a hectic week in Tokyo, it has been relaxing to switch it up to the mountains of Onishi, Japan.  To start off my first day on the job, we headed up a trail in a smaller truck.  I was lucky enough to be able to sit in the bed of the truck to see the insane views the whole way up the mountain!  About half way up we stopped to look around! This was one of the views we came away with. As crazy as this sounds, this picture does not do the sight any justice!  As we continued up the mountain, we met up with some of the artists at the kiln.  They had just finished firing up the kiln and were taking out their artwork.  There were artists from all over the world!  They all met up with the purpose of creating an art exhibition for the whole town of Onishi to see! To their surprise, they kiln had tipped over, and lots of their artwork was ruined.  However a majority of their pieces survived, and they made the best out what they had!  I look forward to seeing these pieces finalized and in the art exhibition which will be held at the end of the week!  I will keep you posted on how the show turns out!

Much Love,



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